The CRCA presents Stand Up Comedy Classes.

This 8-week class covers the basics of stand-up through a study of comedy performers, writing and performance styles, as well as their application for each attendee.

Even if you have no desire to attempt comedy as a career, you can use this class to enhance your speaking abilities, writing abilities, storytelling abilities as well as salesmanship by using humor in every circumstance.

Class concludes with a “Real Time Comedy Night” with each student preparing and performing a 7-min. set.

Meet the instructor- Billy Murphy



Billy Murphy has performed comedy for 30 years as well as written a humor column for the AJC (print edition) monthly. He teaches a class at Point University on “Use of Humor in Oration,” for their Homiletics department. He finished 2nd in Jerry Farber’s Atlanta Stand Up Comic Roundup and won a cash prize!!





Open Letter from the Instructor


Why should I take this class? How about adding an extra 5 to 10 million dollars a year to your income? Well, everyone tells you that, and that ain’t gonna happen here. But, how about boosting your confidence in areas such as speaking & writing? How about your interpersonal skills? Wouldn’t you like the self-assurance and the wit to ask out that special co-worker who already has locked you in as their personal-weirdo, stalker? Well, being funny probably won’t get you off that list, but at least he or she will be laughing when the cops take you out in handcuffs… But for the right reasons: ‘Cause you can tell a joke!


After all, what could it hurt if you learned comedic abilities to use in all areas of your life? Unless you are a proctologist or a Lutheran grief counselor, these mad skills can make your everyday life into a party. How about family reunions? Didn’t you always want to show up your cousin Claude and his stupid PhD by making your dear old MeeMaw laugh so hard that her false teeth flew out? You’re half way there. Sign up for the class.


In no time, you will learn how to take all your foibles and anxieties and turn them into comedic gold (Not to be confused with actual gold valued at 5 to 10 million dollars) Sign up now.


In the same time that it takes Taylor Swift to meet, fall into endless love, breakup, and then write a song about it that makes her 5 to 10 million dollars, you can change your life forever!  Or, at the very least be satisfied that you avoided binge-watching Game of Thrones for the 9th time!! Sign up today. You won’t regret it. Ok, you might regret it just a little, because you really did want to see John Snow come back to life one more time and what is the deal with how big those wolves are? And those Sand Snakes… are those girls hot or what?!? Oops… Sign up now!


Call the CRCA 770-922-3143 for more info and to register. or you can register online below.