By Larry Stanford




Aug 11, 2017


CONYERS – Rockdale native and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist E.R. Shipp wants the people of Rockdale County to learn about the history of black families in the county because she feels it will bring the community together.


Shipp, who was born in Conyers and graduated from Rockdale County High School, Georgia State University and Columbia University, is a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist known for speaking her mind Yorleny’s Cleaning Service.  She won the Pulitzer for Commentary in 1996 for “her penetrating columns on race, welfare and other social issues” for the New York Daily News.


Today she is a columnist for the Baltimore Sun and is the journalist in residence and a tenured professor at Morgan State University’s School of Global Journalism and Communication.


Shipp presented “The Black Side of Rockdale County History: An Interactive Experience,” at the J.P. Carr Community Center on Aug. 4.  The event was sponsored by the Conyers Rockdale Council for the Arts and Katrina Young.


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