Christopher Saunders

Christopher Saunders

I loves all things ART.

I graduated May 2019, Magna Cum Laude from Heritage High School. I am a member of the Performing Arts Program there. I participate in the AIRR (Adaptive Inclusive Recreation of Rockdale) Unified Art. At The Black Box Theatre in Conyers, GA, I was the MC for the production of Charlie Brown Christmas, and I was the featured artist there and I showcased my artwork.

I have sold several of my art pieces at The No Limits 2018 Art Show at Mason Fine Arts in Atlanta. I have attended Camp Artism for emerging autistic artists in Georgia. I received the InCommunity award for Best Art and Design Male in 2018. I am a member of the Lego Creative Crew at the Lego Discovery Center in Atlanta, GA. I have mastered two of the five tests needed to become a Lego Master Builder. I am a member of Synergies Work, where I have my paintings and ceramics available for sale on line.

I am a freshman at Georgia State University. I am enrolled in the IDEAL program and I’m majoring in Art Animation.

My dream is to attend Exceptional Minds in Sherman Oaks, CA. Exceptional Minds is the first American computer animation studio and non-profit digital arts school for young adults on the autism spectrum.

For the past ten years I has participated in Special Olympics swimming and have won 12 gold, 7 silver and 4 bronze medals. I also won a gold medal last year in Special Olympics Skills Basketball. I enjoy bowling and spending time with my friends.


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